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Without commercial interruptions, Hastings argues, the viewing experience has become more immersive and sustained. When Netflix released “House of Cards,” it made the entire first season of episodes available at once, and viewers binged. Cindy Holland, Netflix’s vice-president of original content, told me that the average Netflix viewer watches two and a half episodes in one sitting. The creative experience is different, too, she said; making “House of Cards” was akin to making “a thirteen-hour movie.” There was no need to recap previous episodes or to insert cliffhangers. Increasingly, show creators can work without executives’ notes, focus groups, concerns about ratings, and anxieties about whether advertisers will resist having their products slotted after a nude scene or one laced with obscenity.

“There’s a reason why people now talk about this as the golden age of scripted drama,” Michael Lynton, the C.E.O. of Sony Entertainment, told me. “You can write a character that grows over the course of thirteen hours of television. That’s more attractive than a two-hour movie.” The opportunities have enticed strong writers, directors, and actors. “What’s happened as a result of this is a flourishing of an entirely new kind of television.”

L’histoire de Derrick Coleman, premier sourd à intégrer la NFL, racontée par Duracell dans la meilleure pub de l’année : “They told me it was over, that I should quit. But I’ve been deaf since I was three… So I didn’t listen.”
Une langue vivante, c’est une langue qui peut tout dire
J’adorerais être de gauche, c’est un souhait. Mais je trouve que c’est tellement élevé comme vertu que j’y ai renoncé […]. C’est un gros boulot, c’est un dépassement de soi. C’est une attitude, une présence à l’autre… Faut être exceptionnel, quand t’es de gauche ! Quand t’es pas de gauche, tu peux être moyen. Quand t’es de gauche, c’est l’excellence : le génie moral, le génie de l’entraide… C’est trop de boulot ! […] Moi, mon fonds de commerce, ça a plutôt été de voir ce qui est petit, moyen, minable chez les êtres humains. Vous savez la phrase de Céline, qu’un jour je vais reprendre, Céline il dit : “Madame Bérange, elle visait bas, elle visait juste”. Alors c’est le contraire d’un homme de gauche. Un homme de gauche, tout est merveilleux dans la nature de l’homme, et moi je n’ai pas de sensation-là.
Invité du journal de 20 heures de David Pujadas sur France 2, jeudi 17 octobre 2013, pour parler de sa pièce « Une heure de tranquillité », Fabrice Luchini a commenté l’indignation de Josiane Balasko au sujet de l’expulsion de la collégienne Leonarda.
I have three career rules. Work with smart people so you learn from each other. Work at a company that makes a product you can’t live without. Work at a place that makes you proud of what you do.
Google’s next Android OS is called KitKat… after the candy
In his report, Mr. Hamby wrote that the growing role of so-called embeds, or television reporters attached to the campaign, had infuriated the Romney staff. Previously restricted to support roles for broadcast and cable news networks, the young journalists were suddenly weaponized by Twitter, their own blogs and video posts. In his report, Mr. Hamby calls the embeds “anthropomorphic satellite trucks.”
Adding to the colour mix, in London you can wear purple. You can even dye your hair purple, and then jog down your local high street. To the Paris-trained eye, half the London population looks like punks or bag ladies. The codes of etiquette that constrain all human action in Paris don’t seem to exist here. I quickly adapted. Only my very Parisian seven-year-old daughter maintained standards. One morning, as I was about to take her out, she scanned me critically and said: “You’re not dressed.” She was wrong. In fact I looked adorable in my sneakers, shorts and Barcelona football shirt.
La Légion d’honneur, on me l’a donnée, on me l’a reprise, on me l’a rendue…

The Innovation of Loneliness (par Shimi Cohen)